The TranzCon Series

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Find out what happened to Jasmine. Find out why DS Mills had such a change of heart and retired so suddenly from the police force. Then read another exciting tale of the fortunes and misfortunes of the beleaguered Jon Chandler.

After his arrest by Union agents Roth and Willis, Jon finds himself back on the Hyperion to face trial on Darius where a deep scan of his mind will reveal his true nature (with the result that he will face many decades of incarceration). Whether it’s by good or bad fortune that the ship never makes it to its destination is debatable.

Years earlier the star-liner Lysander was lost without trace. In “Requiring of Us a Song”, the fate of that ship is revealed when the Hyperion is intercepted and abducted by alien race the Hahn. Taken down to the surface of their planet in chains, Jon and his friends are left helpless in an inhospitable wilderness until they are rescued by Captain Jason Carter and his group of soldiers.

Not understanding the true nature of the strange hybrid he has saved, Jason is very much in love with the woman he believes to be Jana Kell. Unfortunately the love goes only one way because for Jon, the advances of any male are entirely unwanted and he prefers the company of the alluring Hannah.

The uncomfortable three-way compromise continues for a while until the day when the increasingly suspicious Jason discovers the two women’s secret. He is both furious and insulted to think that “his woman” could prefer the affections of a female rather than himself and in anger he punishes her severely.

And for Jon that’s the end of the line. He’s had enough. He decides he has no option other than to escape, even if it means jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Unfortunately Jon has underestimated Jason’s unwillingness to accept defeat and is surprised when he is tracked down and dragged back to the cave. Now held as a chained captive Jon looks out longingly at the world knowing he is unable to repeat his escape - until one day fortune smiles on him and he is able to free himself from the chains that holds him prisoner. And this time he’s well aware of Jason’s ability to track his quarry.

After making a daring escape Jon travels overland to the Hahn city only to collapse unconscious at the feet of the soldiers guarding the gate.