The TranzCon Series

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(the Hahn City)

Fortunately for Jon, the illness he suffered at the end of the previous book was only temporary and after receiving medical treatment he soon recovers.

At this stage, all Jon knows of the Hahn are the stories he’d heard from Jason. As captors they were ruthless. In contrast Jon finds them to be quite nice people to deal with - provided they get their way. And when attractive young women are the subject in question, getting their way means doing with them what men so often like to do with attractive young women. Now Jon knows for certain he’s jumped into the fire, and knowing what is expected of him he even begins to wish he was back in the cave with Jason.

Salvation comes in the form of Captain Keni Kiokan, a dashing young Hahn officer who rescues Jon from the fate he would otherwise have suffered. But Keni comes with complications. He’s fun, friendly, well connected, and in line for promotion. And when he reaches the rank of Major he will be allowed to take a wife, and of course his wife will be expected to do her duty creating more little Kiokans and raising them to grow up as brave Hahn warriors.

And there’s lots more to tell, but that would spoil the story. But, I’ll share a couple of secrets with you, Jon’s dream finally comes true when he finds himself back in a male body. As army medical officer Major Chen he lives the life of Riley - and when Jasmine comes back on the scene, at last he gets to live out his long held dream. But all good things come to an end. Happy endings are just too final for an author to deal with. The day dawns when life throws yet another spanner into the works (and that leads to the next book).