The TranzCon Series

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when a man loses everything? Absolutely everything: his fabulous wealth, his powerful government position, his beautiful wife, his freedom, even his own body?

His boss would argue that travelling to a major conference by TranzCon was all in a day’s work for a modern politician but Jon Chandler has a problem, as a member of a tiny group of individuals with the rare Delta2 mind-type compatible hosts are few and far between. When the host of his choice is killed in a bizarre ritual murder the only alternative is unsuitable in so many ways - but what choice does he have? It’s only for a few days and after all, what could possibly go wrong?

This is a story of mind transfer, mistaken identity, love, murder, politics and a struggle against problems no man has faced before. What happens when a man loses everything? Female 22 tells a story unlike anything you’ve ever read before.


(is available for rent, as a TranzCon hostess)

When Jon Chandler is called upon to represent the Union’s First Minister at the accession conference on distant Phoenix he has no option other than to travel by TranzCon. But Jon has a problem, with his rare mind type it’s difficult to find hosts, especially at short notice. Difficult but not impossible. But still there are problems. When the eminently suitable candidate the company selected for him is killed in a bizarre ritual murder he’s desperate to find another. But who? Time is ticking by and Jon’s political career is hanging in the balance. Just when all seems to be lost a new host turns up, Miss Jana Kell (aged 22). Jon is horrified at the thought of swapping bodies with a female, but he knows that unless he makes a success of this mission he’ll be clearing his desk next morning. Anyway, it’s only until the weekend, and what could possibly go wrong?

But things do go wrong (if they didn’t there wouldn’t be a story, would there?).

The beam which carries interstellar communications (including TranzCon’s mind-transfer transmissions) fails leaving Jon’s mind stranded on Phoenix in Jana’s body. With a vindictive policeman chasing the temporary occupant of the body for a crime his host committed Jon is in a fix. One outcome is he’ll be locked up in jail for years, the other is that he’ll end up in the secure wing of a mental hospital. In desperation he stows away on the Hyperion, a star-liner once owned by the shipping company he controls. If he can get to the planet Darius he’ll be able to TranzCon home from there and resume his high-flying career in politics.

But despite his valiant attempt to set matters straight, things don’t turn out as Jon had hoped.

And at that stage there’s still another 100 pages to go and I don’t want to spoil the rest of the story for you.