The TranzCon Series

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I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a website called “Shutterstock”. It’s great. It’s got hundreds of thousands of pictures on display and available for sale. Without a shadow of a doubt it’s got exactly the picture you’re looking for - you just have to put in the hours necessary to find it.

I’d decided to rename my book “Female 22,”, so now I was looking for a picture of a female who looked like she was, if not exactly twenty-two, at least somewhere in the twenty-something age group. The picture had to be on the sci-fi side, although I wasn’t looking for anything too space-opera or uber-aggressive (in the way that so many sci-fi book covers seem to be). And that’s when I stumbled on the picture I call “Desert Girl”. Just a young woman gazing out over a desert scene. There was something haunting about it.

I bought it and had a go at making it into the cover I wanted. To some extent I succeeded but I was having problems. What I needed was special artwork for a book with the interesting subject matter on the right-hand side (to be the front of the book), and a fairly plain area on the left (to be the back of the book).

With my limited computer graphic capabilities it wasn’t working out very well, so I tried a different approach. From the Shutterstock site I found the name of the company that had produced the image and emailed them to ask if it would be possible to modify the picture to make it more suitable as a book cover. I got a friendly and helpful reply from a lady called Jesse-lee who said that the image was from an older generation of pictures and she’d be able to create something very much better. It was just a few days later that she emailed the first draft of the picture I call “Girl and City”. It was so much better. After a couple of revisions we’d got the picture just right, and that’s what you see on the front of Female 22.

With Jesse-lee’s permission I’ve included a selection of her artwork here on my site. If you’re an author looking to create something special as a cover for your book, I’d recommend taking a look at Dark Geometry’s absolutely stunning website - (