The TranzCon Series

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The underlying theme of so many sci-fi stories I’ve read, or seen on the big screen, or miniseries I’ve watched on TV, is that our world, or at least the human species that lives on it, is in danger either of total annihilation or domination by aliens. A tiny number of heroes and heroines must battle against overwhelming odds to preserve our very existence.

It’s a good starting point for a story, but to my mind it comes round just a little too often. What you will see in Female 22 is exactly the opposite. Jon Chandler, mega-rich and a powerful politician with his eyes set firmly on the Union’s top job thinks he’s indispensible. He knows that only under his guidance can the Union progress to ever greater wealth and prosperity.

Then he takes a five day trip to a newly discovered world. Economically a minnow compared to the vast industrial machine of the Union, it’s importance is primarily nostalgic. The Union lived without it for over two thousand years, and when communication links are severed, the mighty organisation responsible for the lives of 30 billion citizens spread across eight habitable worlds doesn’t even bat an eyelid.

And to Jon’s distress, the loss of the man who’d thought himself so important is no more than a nine day wonder.

Break out of the mould:


a sci-fi story that stands out from the crowd